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How to Make a Woman Satisfied During Sex


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How to Make a Woman Satisfied During Sex , when Mr. P is rubbed, men will easily get out even though sex may be done in unromantic situations and with women who are not liked. Orgasm in women is not as easy as men. Women need more stimulation and the situation is really right. So, be careful for men, don't let your wife fake her orgasm. If women are not satisfied in bed, this can reduce the quality and harmony of the household. Let's see how to get your wife to climax quickly.

How to Make a Woman Satisfied Quickly in Bed


Although every woman has a different level of orgasm speed (also known as ejaculation or climax). As reported by the British site NetDoctor.co.uk, at least some of these things are needed so that women more easily reach orgasm.

  • Comfortable
  • Romantic feel
  • With a very desirable partner
  • Feel appreciated
  • Lubricating fluid comes out, without this women will be in pain during penetration
  • Smart couple playing clitoris
  • If the things above are not met, usually women will have difficulty reaching orgasm.

Women Love Clitoral Stimulation

Recent research states that most women like clitoral stimulation with fingers or mouth. Some women even become very easy to reach climax through oral sex, especially if her husband is the type who is good at playing with his tongue and understands what his partner wants. You can also use Clitoral stimulation vibrator.

How to Know a Woman's Desire?

To be able to understand what women want, in addition to looking for information about what many women want in bed, don't forget to ask him directly. Even if the husband feels he has the perfect technique to satisfy his partner, it means nothing if the wife can't reach climax.

Every Woman's Pleasures Varies, Don't Equate With Your Ex.

Just because a certain technique satisfies your ex doesn't necessarily mean it will work with your current partner. Because each woman has different pleasures and displeasures. Don't think all women are the same.

Women Love Foreplay.

Women rely on feelings in love. Some women admit that foreplay is the most favorite time in making love. Women need enough foreplay and don't like it when men rush to penetrate. Foreplay can use sex toys , besides making intimate relationships not monotonous, sex toys can also make women enjoy intimate relationships more.

Big Mistakes Men Make When Making Love. Friction Mr. P to Mrs. V gives men immense pleasure and makes him unable to resist ejaculation. As a result, men make the big mistake of repeatedly asking “Are you going out? Are you out already? Not out yet dear?"

Stop saying it because questions like these really break the built-up tension and depress a woman's arousal. The more you ask, the more distracted the female partner will be, and the more difficult it will be for them to reach orgasm.

For men, I hope this article on how to make women satisfied with sex  can help. Although sex is not the only determinant of household integrity, when both parties can feel satisfied in bed, it will have a very good effect on household harmony.

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